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09/25/2014 In a pre-christmas stroll in December 2009, I saw the track in the window of a toyshop . A Carrera GT Racers with a track length of 9.80 m and it came as it had to come.  At 24.12. the Carrera racetrack was under the Christmas tree. Out of interest, I started googling at the holidays to find out, which brands are offered. And to my surprise, it was much more than I expected. For slot cars I found with Arrow Slot, Carrera, Fly, GOM, GSlot, HPI, Le Mans Miniatures, Love Speed, MMK, MRRC, Mr.SlotCar, MSC Competition, Ninco, NSR, Octane, OriginalSlotCars, Ostorero, PinkKar, Pioneer, Power Slot make Proslot, PRS, Racer, Reprotec, Revell, Scaleauto, Scalextric, SCX, Sideways, Silverline, Slot Classic Sloter, Slot.it, Spirit, SRC Team Slot, TopSlot 37 brands. And for decorative purposes, figures of Carrera, Frömter, MRRC and Scalextric were offered. During my research, I saw the italian website www.amazingslot.com. Inspired by this page, my aim was clear: I wanted to build a racetrack, which has the perfect setting for model racetrack pictures. The planning began. For my Carrera racetrack I had 8 sqm. With a Carrera route planner I calculated the rail material, I still had to buy to reach the maximum track length. Furthermore, I have integrated the Carrera control unit, the driver display, the lap counter and the pit lane. The next way led me to the hardware store. Chipboard and wood blocks were bought and the construction could start now. Because the racetrack should look as realistic as possible and I wanted to let my slot cars  drifting in the curves of course, I decided to fill the rail gaps with plywood boards. The cutted pieces I have painted asphalt black and bolted. Now I thought about guardrail alternatives. A detailed description can be found  under "Tips & Tricks". Next, I have cutted the grass and gravel mats from the company Noch and pasted on the highlighted areas. As subsoil for the pit lane area and the control tower area I took sandpaper from the hardware store . Yes, yes, the visits at the hardware store  brought always new ideas. The next question was: Shall I buy the racetrack buildings or build myself ?  But anyone can buy. Itself is the man. My tools for the next few months were: pencil, ruler, eraser, craft knife, scissor and lots of photo cardboard. Then it was time to record, measure out, fold and glue together. 

The temptation to use the logos of Shell, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Pirelli, Nigrin, Liqui Moly, Gulf, Red Bull, BBS and H & R for the decoration, was big. But to avoid possible copyright injury, I decided to design my own logos. Now it was time, to meet the speedway with life. And it was the same question as the racecourse buildings. Buy or self-painted? To have unikate on my track, I bought white MRRC figures and painted these. Meanwhile more than 200 pieces adorn my racetrack and another 100 waiting to be painted. After 4 years of construction, my Carrera race track was finally finished and now the final part began. Finally I was able  to make the first pictures and could start to design my website. With my digital camera I was always very happy. But the appropriate depth lacked. After some research it was clear, I needed a lens reflex camera with the possibility to control by the manual aperture setting, the depth of field. Full of joy, I started with my new camera, a Canon EOS 700 D. Now my pics had the perfect quality, which made me happy. At the same time I have searched for a suitable provider for my homepage. With Jimdo I found the right supplier. Yes, and now you can see the current final product. I purposely say currently, because I have lots of ideas, which I would like to implement step by step and present them on my website.

29/03/2015 Because I could not transponse all my ideas with Jimdo Pro, I have decided to realize a new website. The performance was carried out through the internet and media agency Website -Art in Jettingen / Scheppach.

21/06/2015 From now on Slotracing 132.com is also on FacebookGoogle+ and Pinterest at the start and of course pleased about each follower.