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23/11/2015 interviewed Michael Niemas



Interview with Michael Niemas (32), who won last weekend with the Team McLaren - Channel Racer Hamburg the RCCO 24hours of Hamburg . We are interested in what a guy he is and why he and his slot cars are so fast.

1. Since when you operate this hobby and what has aroused the passion for it in you?

I started with Slotracing in winter 1999th. I've always been a passionate model builder and motorsport fan. Since it was probably the logical consequence that I would sooner or later be in a slot route. Of course I wanted to measure me with the old hands and had the opportunity to race in the center Rhein-Main in Mörfelden.


2. In accordance with the motto of " Nothing comes from nothing", you have certainly completed in order to be so successful a lot of workouts. What is your training?

In fact, I've been training, especially in the early years, much before the race and tried different setups. Was it initially vehicles in the two scales 1/32 and 1/24, so I am ultimately depend upon a large scale remained. By traceable change the setup and handling of the bike, my workouts have increasingly reduced and my aim has always been clear to appear with a perfect base vehicle for the first training, then to find locally the best settings. For this reason, you meet me at racing events exclusively on the slot routes throughout Europe.


3. On one side is the driving skill, on the other hand, the mental strength. Can you provide for a few tips?

The one is closely related to the other, so it is helpful if one can convert his tension in concentration. There is little to play down his nervousness , but you should try to be characterized more focused. Even supposedly cool top riders are tense, however, use this situation from the positive sense. This feels very intense and you could say that this state is addictive in some way, which is why after a race often can not wait and already the next is in your head.


4. Which of your successes is just for you in pole position?

This is of course difficult to say, but this year's RCCO 24H race occupies a prime place. But the four world titles, I have very positive memories. To this question I can not define ... or perhaps yes! It was the first victory in a slot race in 2000. At that time I won with my team partner Stefan Schoch with a BMW LM98 in 1/32 with self-made chassis an endurance race in the FNS against top-class competition. After that, I knew that all cook only with water!


5. In addition to your driving skill talent, you're known as one of the best modelers. What you offer ?

I am modeller through and through. At the age of 5 years, I began to build all sorts of things, whether boats, ships, airplanes or spaceships. Serious was the whole thing when I was 14 years old, after models were issued by me in a game and model shop in Darmstadt and the response was very positive. From then on, I was looking for the challenge in ever more complicated models and I'm definitely stuck with vehicle models. To this day I can look back on such a range of 1 / 87th to 1 / 1er models and I ' am happy professionally to be arrived in high end model.


6. Which car in scale 1:24 is your personal favorite?

Not only in scale1/24 but also in 1/1 the Porsche 917 is my favorite in its various versions. From a purely aesthetic point of view the Ferrari 250GTO from the sixties is here at the front.


Many thanks for the interview Michael and good luck for your next races.