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In this category you will find reports about racetracks of slotracing friends from all over the world, which have no own website. If anyone knows a racetrack, that would fit into this category, please inform me. Enjoy reading and looking at the pictures.


The Circuit of Jim Hansen, Florence Montana

Jim began slot racing in 1963 with cars built from brass rods, racing on commercial tracks in the USA. He is racing 1/32 scale cars since 2003. His current track is routed MDF and it's 24.35 meters per lap. It's modeled after an F1 track from about 2005. The scenery is all hand made using sculpted styrene foam and the grass and other landscape materials are borrowed from model railroading. The buildings are made from plastic sheets. The curbs are cork sanded to the correct profile and painted with latex paint. The Armco barrier is aluminum formed to the correct profile with a hand made die and a small press. Enjoy the beautiful photos.


La Pista de Bodega from Thomas Fornoff, Langen, Germany

Thomas, born in 1970 started the construction of its La Pista de Bodega (The racecourse in the basement) in winter 2012. Inspired by the book ,, Just a great time '' the design and decor of its race track is oriented  at the German Racing Championships between 1972-1985. Logically 95% of its slot cars are therefore from the DRM. Many components of its 10 meter track are from simple materials such as paper, cardboard or plywood. Thomas has invested more in the purchase of figures and other details to give his racetrack a personal style. Let inspire you from the pictures, that were provided to me by Thomas.

Slotracing picture
Slotracing picture
Slotracing picture


Woodland Trace Raceway from Steve Acesta, North Carolina, USA

Steve is 56 years old and at the age of 8 he got his first racecourse in form of an Aurora Thunderjet 500 (HO) with a Chaparral 2F and a Ford GT40 . Hard to believe, but Steve still has these cars . 1997, 30 years later, he was really infected by the slot racing virus. He bought a Scalextric track, plus some Ninco and Fly slotcars. Meanwhile, his collection has grown up to 850 slot cars. In 2010 he began building his Woodland Trace Raceway who has a track length of 24 meters. And there is still plenty to do. Steve wants to integrate some home built buildings and bridges, enhance the landscape and paint a variety of figures. The following pictures were provided to me by Steve Acesta.


Forest Hall Circuit from Dave Wisdom, North Tyneside, UK

Dave has focused  the design of his racetrack to the racing scene in the sixties. On the Forest Hall Circuit, with a track length of 9.15 meters, he has integrated some features of the Mallory Park circuit  in Leicestershire. The buildings were built  by himself and a lot of figures were painted by hand. An absolutely terrific implementation. The following photos I have got from Dave Wisdom.


Scalextric Rally Mallacara from Roberto, Cordoba, Spanien

According to the motto ,, small but fine '' Roberto has designed his Scalextric Rally route Mallacara over an area of 1.50 mx 1.00 m. All images were provided to me by Roberto.


Ninco Raceway from Jesiv, West Chester Ohio, USA

During the construction of its 22.86 long Ninco track  Jesiv was inspired from the Circuit de Catalunya Barcelona. The images I have got from Jesiv.